12th of December on the PAUSE Advents Calendar

We are half way to Christmas, so today we will take a break from the to-do-list and use our breath to go from doing mode to being mode for a moment.

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Today’s poem reminds us how useful our breath can be - for some of us. If you find it hard to focus on your breath, or you find that it makes you more agitated than calm, don’t worry, you are not alone. Some people find it easier and more calming to focus on other parts of the body. Explore, find out what works for you and choose your own sanctuary in the body to retreat to when needed.

FINDING MY BREATH by Clive Fogelman

You come to me when I feel untethered

Unsure of my next move, you offer a space to pause

A Sanctuary to confront my reality

When I want to escape, you bring me back

In the midst of pain and confusion you are always present

Providing calm within the chaos, guiding me to a place of acceptance

Some lessons are hard to bear but you ground me in the shadows of uncertainty

My ego visits often, luring me away and Resistant To Change

Old voices return urging me to push harder and go deeper

But you encourage me to go slower and be gentler

There are many distractions but you guide me through the clutter

Defenses dissolve as I open up to a new world

I often need to give you permission to be free but this is my work

Even when I forget about you, you remain by my side, sustaining and nourishing me

Every day you challenge me, providing a Window Into My Soul

You are the reflection that maintains my balance

You are the key that unlocks my flow

You allow me to fly and be grounded

You let me dance and be still

You hold me and you release me

You are my breath


LivingUpwards Podcast
The best way to ensure a thriving ageing life is to look after yourself now. If you look after your mental and physical well being now, and create some healthy habits you are setting yourself up for not only longevity but also a mental healthy life. Taking breaks is a great habit and I have come up with the idea, that one way I can help people age well is by offering them the opportunity to pause regularly no matter their age. I am posting The Pause for Life recordings on a regular basis on social media and will also leave audio copies here on my sub stack.
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