13th of December on the PAUSE Advents Calendar

"Life begins the day you decide that it does". Today we continue to practice noticing and enjoying the pleasant aspects of life, rather than letting our negativity bias control our focus of attention.

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Today’s poem is by Donna Ashworth:

Life doesn’t begin at 40
or at the end of your comfort zone.

Life begins the day you decide
that it does.

The day you realise
each day you open your eyes
and take a breath
is another day you have been gifted
on this planet

The day you realise
not everyone is so blessed
with that gift
as you are right now.

How so many others did not wake up
to see this new day
no matter how rainy
or stressful
that day may be.

The day you look around and realise
that beauty and joy can be found

If you only you would look.

That’s when your life truly begins my friends
and wow,

does it begin.

Donna Ashworth
From ‘life’
UK: https://amzn.eu/d/9Y6E6kz
US: https://a.co/d/4EvMqqA

Enjoy your day! Berit

ps. Sorry about the teens shouting in the background. They are taking a well-deserved break between their exams.


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