15th of December on the PAUSE Advents Calendar

Today I invite you to reflect on the roles you step into on a daily basis or maybe when we go home to see the family. It is our own choice how much we allow them to define who we are.

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Today’s poem:

When You See Water By: Alice Walker

When you see water in a stream you say: oh, this is stream water;

When you see water in the river you say: oh, this is water of the river;

When you see ocean water you say: This is the ocean’s water!

But actually water is always only itself and does not belong to any of these containers though it creates them.

And so it is with you.

What containers are you being put into or putting yourself into? Is that helping you live the life you want to live now?

Have a great Friday, Berit


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The best way to ensure a thriving ageing life is to look after yourself now. If you look after your mental and physical well being now, and create some healthy habits you are setting yourself up for not only longevity but also a mental healthy life. Taking breaks is a great habit and I have come up with the idea, that one way I can help people age well is by offering them the opportunity to pause regularly no matter their age. I am posting The Pause for Life recordings on a regular basis on social media and will also leave audio copies here on my sub stack.
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