7. of December - PAUSE Advents calendar

Today we explore the difficulty of not striving, seeing if we can allow ourselves to notice whatever is going on inside of us without the need to change anything, analyse or fix something.

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Today’s poem:


Happiness cannot be found through

Great effort and will-power,

But is already there, in relaxation

And letting go.

Don’t strain yourself, there is

Nothing to do,

Whatever arises in the mind has

No importance at all,

Because it has no reality whatsoever.

Don’t become attached to it,

Don’t pass judgment.

Let the game happen, on its own,

Springing up and falling back –

Without changing anything –

And all will vanish and reappear

Without end.

Only our searching for happiness

Prevents us from seeing it.

It’s like a rainbow which you run after

Without ever catching it.

Although it does not exist,

It has always been there and

Accompanies you every instant.

Don’t believe in the reality of good

And bad experiences.

They are like rainbows.

Wanting to grasp the ungraspable,

You exhaust yourself in vain.

So, make use of it. All is yours already.

Don’t search any further.

Don’t go into the inextricable jungle

Looking for the elephant

Who is already quietly at home.

Nothing to do.

Nothing to force.

Nothing to want,

And everything happens by itself.

                                                              LAMA GENDUN RINPOCHE

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The best way to ensure a thriving ageing life is to look after yourself now. If you look after your mental and physical well being now, and create some healthy habits you are setting yourself up for not only longevity but also a mental healthy life. Taking breaks is a great habit and I have come up with the idea, that one way I can help people age well is by offering them the opportunity to pause regularly no matter their age. I am posting The Pause for Life recordings on a regular basis on social media and will also leave audio copies here on my sub stack.
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